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Connecting Ties Office

128 Chenega Street, Suite A
P.O. Box 2017
Valdez, AK 99686
Phone: 907-835-3274
Fax: 907-835-3512

Glennallen Office

Mile 111 Richardson Hwy
P.O. Box 186
Glennallen, AK 99588
Phone: 907-822-3384
Fax: 907-822-5484

Services Offered

♦ Care Coordination ♦

Assists recipients in gaining access to needed medical, social, and educational services, including care plan development and care plan implementation.

♦ In-Home Supports ♦

Provides a wide range of training and support services delivered in the home of the consumer.

♦ Family Habilitation ♦

Foster Care is provided only in licensed homes, but does not require the natural family to give up custody or parental rights of their children. Adults who are in foster care live in homes licensed as Assisted Living Facilities.

♦ Supported Living ♦

Provides appropriate levels of supervision and support to individuals while they are moving into, or living in settings that maximize their independence.

♦ Transportation ♦

Provides transportation or escorts enabling recipients to gain access to waiver and other community services or resources.

♦ Supported Employment Habilitation ♦

Paid employment of persons for whom competitive employment at or above minimum wage is unlikely and because of their disabilities need intensive ongoing support to perform in a work setting.

♦ Day Habilitation ♦

Assistance with socialization, self-help, and adaptive skills that enable the consumer to be an active participant in the community.

♦ Chore Service ♦

Any assistance necessary to maintain a recipient's home in a clean and safe condition. This may include household chores, housekeeping, and grounds keeping

♦ Respite Hourly & Daily ♦

Short term relief for primary care providers. Respite may be provided in the individual's home or elsewhere.

Types of Waivers

IDD Waiver

Services and support for children and adults who experience disabilities (before the age of 21), which would qualify them for care in an Intermediate Care Facility for persons with Mental Retardation (ICFMR).

Children with Complex Medical Conditions (CCMC) Waiver

Provides services and support to children (birth through age 21) who experience developmental disabilities and complex medical conditions with technological dependency requiring either skilled or intermediate nursing facility level of care.

Alaskans Living Independently (ALI) Waiver

Services and support for persons age 21 and older who experience severe disabilities requiring either skilled or intermediate nursing facility level of care.

Non-waiver Services Provided

Consumer Directed Personal Care Services

A non-waiver, time for task service designed to meet individuals's personal care needs. It is a Medicaid reimbursable service, which requires the individual be Medicaid eligible. This must be renewed annually.


Tax Equity & Fiscal Responsibility Act allows children to receive medical coverage through Medicaid. Only the child's income counts, not that of the entire family. TEFRA must be renewed annually, requires a plan of care, and only covers medical costs.

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